3 years ago

Side Chick

I dont get why hes always treating me like his other woman, like his side chick, like his dirty little secret, like mpango wa kando.... his booty call.... juzi i was to help him move in... he said we shall meet in town after um done wit classes (i read more...

3 years ago

September 26th

On this day i went on a date wit kariuki... this is a guy ave met twice in my 7 yrs of knowing him... yeah seven years an ave met him twice.... dont be shokd theres a prity goood reason why... hes the one eva postponing our hook ups... reason i ca read more...

3 years ago


Do i fall out among my friends? i guese i do... among my friends i mean shiko... irene... ivy and vicky... these gals are all sucesful right now... stable jobs... awesome stable relationships... and btw irene got married juzi... sth i learnt from read more...

3 years ago

Fifty shades of Kadot

Everyday i grow old hating my lifee.... i hate who i am... i hate that i cant accomplish anything in my life... even a small start up relationship... the internship i am at  feeels like i deseve beta... i dont belong here.... dad sees me as a read more...

3 years ago


So i got this internship at AFRALTI... this is the same place ave been waitressing for the last TREE years... The diffrence now is that um now in the office... but NO PAY.. i get no income.. this sucks... i started last week thus 14th Of Sept 2015 read more...

3 years ago

Dear Diary

I hate the life that i live.

This world has no place for me

In this world i do not belong.

This dark days have been with me for such a long time.

Dark days is all i know.